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BIOTEX technical application labs are state-of-the art

BIOTEX expertise is to run extensive drilling fluid testing for evaluation and comparison of chemical solutions. In addition to standard API drilling fluid testing, which includes mixing, aging, rheology measurement and filtration,  BIOTEX offers lubricity, cleaner, foamer and shale testing. Other strengths are BIOTEX innovative Product Development and Technical Customer Service Team in MALAYSIA and INDIA

Innovative drilling fluids systems

Environmentally-friendly products

BIOTEX business for oilfield applications places strong emphasis on providing environmentally-friendly products to help protect the environment and the health of workers in the field and/or on rigs. 

Many of BIOTEX products are approved for use in offshore drilling as per the high standards according to North Sea operations.

BIOTEX Innovative drilling fluids systems are BIOTEX contribution and commitment to increasingly demanding global oil and gas exploration activities. Our natural-based formulations are used to drill reactive geological formations and make it possible to drill highly deviated wells where borehole stability, lubricity and benign ecological properties are essential. The unique ecotoxicological properties that BIOTEX esters impart have dramatically reduced the impact of the drilling fluid on marine environments, even allowing the disposal of drilled cuttings on the sea floor with a clear conscience.

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